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IMMUNITY - Recipe #1 Immune Booster Tea

This recipe was gifted to me by a beautiful Philippine lady who had learned it from her grandmother.

Turmeric’s active ingredient is curcumin. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and a very strong antioxidant; however, it is not easily absorbed by our bodies. Fermented turmeric is easily absorbed by our gut.

Ginger is one of the superfoods worthy of the title. It eases the symptoms of colds and flues, reduces inflammation, relieves pain, supports cardiovascular health and relieves nausea.

Honey is an antibacterial and antifungal and powerful in assisting the body with healing. It can boost healing time and aid in tissue regeneration. Raw honey has phytonutrients that act as the ultimate immune generator.

By fermenting the ginger and turmeric in the raw honey to make the base for this tea, all 3 ingredients become probiotic powerhouses and our body will feel so vital and alive with this food that has been used as medicine for thousands of years.

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Fermented Turmeric and Ginger Base

2 Tblsp Raw Honey

4 Tblsp Grated Turmeric

4 Tblsp Grated Ginger

Mix all ingredients in a glass jar. Allow to sit on the bench for 2 – 4 days. The mix will be the consistency of marmalade and the sweetness of the honey will have turned slightly tart.

Refrigerate to store for up to 6 months.

Immune Booster Tea

1 Tblsp Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice

Hot water (not boiling)

Raw Honey to taste.

Place 1 Tsp of Fermented Base into tea strainer. Pour hot water over strainer into cup. Leave to steep for 5 mins. Add lots of love and a little raw honey to taste. Drink and enjoy.

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