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Energy Healing for Grief

My heart suddenly felt like I had been thumped in the chest. It was clenching and the pain was unbearable. I could feel the grief in her heart and the intuitive realisation that she had lost someone very close to her…Was it her mother? My head kicked in – she was in her 40’s, the right age to lose a mother…No that didn’t feel right. Was it her best friend? A sister? Her husband? She still wore a wedding ring. Why could I feel the loss of someone so close to her that they shared a cellular bond? And then it hit me, it was her twin.

I opened my eyes and saw her. This strong businesswoman had described her health problems as stemming from a bone-weary tiredness. She was struggling to make it through most days and realised she had used far too much sick leave this year, catching everything that was going. Colds, flus and gastro. She often didn’t sleep well, ate poorly, and worked too many hours to have time for exercise.

Interestingly, I didn’t go down a normal health coaching path with her and ask leading questions. I was guided to connect with her intuitively never realising what I would discover.

With tears streaming down my face as I felt her pain and grief, I asked the question of her? Had she lost her twin sister? ‘Yes, she said but I’ve gotten over that, it was more than a year ago, everybody says I have to get over it,’ as she started to sob.

I held space and allowed her to release a lot of emotions, but also worked on bringing healing into her body as she sobbed. Eventually, as she settled, I asked if she was ready to start healing her body, to enable her to remember her twin in peace, rather than pain? She sighed and agreed.

The simple explanation of her energy healing was that I was able to wrap her pain in a beautiful gold thread of divine light to dissolve gently over the coming days and weeks. This has enabled her to see her life with clarity and gratitude. She can feel the connection to her twin sister, but she can relax in peace as she remembers their life together. She is calmer and has more vitality, and she is starting to sleep better too.

It has been my absolute honour to accompany this beautiful, strong woman onto a path of healing and to share her story.

With love


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