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A Special Energy Healing Success Story

This was an example of a simple but incredibly powerful energy healing.

I was working with a young lady, who had been feeling worn out for the past 6 months. She was tired, lacking energy, and feeling overwhelmed with everything. Her Dr had diagnosed her with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and had unsuccessfully tried many different medications, including anti-depressants. When she saw me, she was feeling as if there was something more. She was unhappy with being told there was no cure for CFS.

With coaching, I took her back to before the CFS diagnosis, to find that she and her partner had been discussing having children, but nothing else had changed. She was so disappointed in herself and never told anyone that she might want children. She couldn’t get past the thought of ‘how could she have children if she was so tired all of the time?’

When I energetically went to the root of the issue, I found that she didn’t love the job she was in or the house they lived in and couldn’t imagine having children there. The house was cold, windy, and old. Everyone seemed to love her house as it was in a picturesque location, so she had never voiced how much she didn’t feel right there.

With energy work, we were able to get to the subconscious root of the issue. Her body wisdom was telling her, this is not the right time or place for children.

We then worked through her fear of speaking up, to talk to her partner. Another enormous breakthrough for her. When she spoke to him, he was relieved because he had a job opportunity in another country that he had turned down assuming that she wouldn’t want to go. What an outcome!

They cleaned, sold, moved, both took new jobs and are busy working on falling pregnant. She says she has more energy than she ever had, loves her new job and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

This sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it?! It didn’t happen overnight, and it did take a few sessions and effort to peel back the layers but what a result!

Would you have the courage to change your environment to follow your dreams? To speak up when something wasn’t working for you? To acknowledge your body wisdom?

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