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Energy Healing

I've had the most amazing experience over the last 18 months, realising that I am a HEALER.

After 27 years working in Cancer Care, I notice that strangers tend to tell me their stories. They tend to let their guard down with me, they often cry with me and most leave feeling calmer and more confident.

I love people.

I love their stories.

I love creating a safe space for them.

I love providing gentle nurturing.

I love creating connection.

I love guiding people to see solutions that enable time for the important things in life.

With Cyndi Dale as my mentor, I have learned to focus my intuition into energy healing, so instead of people leaving me feeling better and me having no idea what I've done, I can consciously create connection and facilitate healing when their higher self allows.

This certificate of training shows 81 hours but for every hour in the course, I completed at least an extra 2 hours. So, this year, I have been facilitated over 200 hours of energy healing!

Over the coming weeks, I’ll start to share some of the healing stories that I have encountered. And WOW! Some of them have blown my mind.

What can energy healing achieve?

What kind of results can you get from energy healing? Or what kind of results have I facilitated with energy healing? I’ll give you a list and then go into more detail in the coming weeks.

  • I have helped countless people move through fear, anxiety and stress.

  • I have helped a lady move from despair and chronic depression to a reduction of her medication and eventually not needing any medication (in consultation with her Dr, who was pretty surprised).

  • I have helped a lady to hear again after years of chronic tinnitus.

  • I have helped several people with parasites in their gut.

  • I have helped a lady improve her immune system after getting sick all of the time.

  • I have helped a number of people with the symptoms of auto-immune diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS)

  • I have helped a gentleman with chronic insomnia.

  • I have helped a gentleman with his blood pressure.

  • I have helped people with their spiritual growth.

  • I have helped people with their emotions.

  • I have helped people deal with their cancers.

The list is enormous, and there is so many more, and I have loved writing this list. I love helping people and feeling like I am making a difference. I care about my people. I love my people. We are here to lift each other up and help one another. I can’t wait to tell you more…

With love


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