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Welcome to Hey Body Wisdom

Thank you for taking the time to connect with your body wisdom. 

I hope you enjoyed my interview with Jodi Geline on the Global Conscious Health Summit 2.0 or if you have stumbled across this page, you can register for this free event by clicking this link.

If you've ever felt like your body is betraying you, that you just can't live in this body anymore, or asked the question - why is my body not working for me; then doing a body scan is a great place to start. Find out why your knees are hurting or why your body is holding weight, or why your back is so painful, or why you get headaches all of the time.

I would love you to accept my gift of this body scan to enable you to connect deeply with your body wisdom. Your body wisdom is your key to communicating your desires with your body and activating a healing process for your highest good. The body scan meditation can be done every morning to listen to your body's messages. 


Communicating with your body takes some time and patience, but the rewards are worth the effort.

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We respect your privacy. 

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Click here to download Body Scan Meditation

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