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Julie-Anne's Story

According to Buddhism, all human beings are masters of their own destiny.​

Over 25 years of working in Cancer Care, I have held the hand of a small child who was terrified of being left alone for treatment. I've given my heart to help a man in so much pain that he couldn't move a single muscle. I have listened to the story of a lady with no family and no support and provided a safe place for her to share. Most of all I have nurtured and loved them all unconditionally.

I just didn't realise what this was doing to my own health. I was giving everything within me to nurture these beautiful people facing their extraordinary challenges.

In 2016, I weighed in at over 120kgs. I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I was insulin resistant, prediabetic, and developing food allergies. Clinical depression and severe anxiety were my normal. My coping skills involved alcohol and food. I had yo-yo dieted my whole life, always ending up fatter and sicker. I went in search of something else.

I found my body wisdom. My obese body was a protective mechanism for unspeakable trauma, current stress and future fears and worries. I now have effective coping mechanisms and a positive outlook on life. My body shows signs of health, my weight is normal and I am no longer an alcoholic.

I still love and nurture my patients with cancer, but I'm no longer on a path to chronic disease. I now give from an abundant heart that is overflowing with love and connection. I choose health and wellness. I choose happiness and connection.

If you choose a path of wellness and want real tools to impact your own health, connect with me here at

We are masters of our own destiny, masters of our own life and masters of our own bodies.

Julie-Anne Outhwaite

B App Sc (MRT - Th) 

Mind Body Eating Psychology

HeartMath Certified Health Practitioner

EFT Practitioner and Life Coach

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About Hey Body Wisdom

Hey Body Wisdom is about talking and listening to your own body. This can take practise but you'll reap the rewards.

Something you could add into your morning, is to take 3 x deep breaths into your heart space, feel your heart beating, and say 'Hey, Body Wisdom, what do we need right now? What do we need today? Does that align with my goals?' and listen for each response.

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