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Dear Body,

When you describe yourself, what do you say? Are you body friendly? Or do you constantly berate yourself for being fat! Ugly! Not good enough! Not worthy! Undeserving! What do you think when you look in the mirror? Can you even look in the mirror? No, I mean really look!

What if I told you that it's possible to like yourself and eventually even learn to love yourself? You CAN accept yourself and appreciate your body.

When I was at my heaviest, ~120kgs, I hated myself so much that I could not even look at myself in the mirror. I would look at my hair to do my hair or I would look at my eyelid to do my makeup but never actually look at myself. The first time I challenged myself to look in the mirror it took me days and many tears and excuses before I could do it. I kept coming back to, why would you want to look at that in the mirror? Why would you want to see yourself? You're fat! You're ugly! You're not good enough! No one wants to see you!

Now, I look for my reflection in windows, in mirrors, in metallic surfaces. Always looking for a chance to see this beautiful vessel that has given me strength, and wellness, and love, and most of all LIFE.

Do you wish your body looked like that model you saw on Instagram or that actress you saw on the big screen? Do you think the model actually looks like that in real life? Or are there filters and editing to enhance her? Your body was not made to look like anyone else's body. Your body was only made to look like your own.

Try this simple action to start loving your body today. Write yourself a letter. Include all of the things you've said about your body and apologize. Then add some gratitude for what that part of your body has done. You might write -

I'm sorry for criticizing the knobbliness of my knees. Thank you for supporting me and giving me the strength and flexibility to walk.

Tummy, I'm sorry for complaining about your size. Thank you for digesting food with ease.

Breasts, I'm sorry for hating how saggy you've become. Thank you for nourishing my beautiful babies and giving them life. You get the idea, keep writing for about 20 minutes. Read this out loud to yourself every day for the next week and see how it makes you feel.

Please let me know how you go with this beautiful act of self love.

If this resonates, and you want more, book your wellness consultation here. You too can learn to like yourself and even love yourself.

Be master of your own body.

With Love


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