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Mother's Day
Sourdough Class

Mother's Day Sourdough: Welcome

In this class you'll learn about sourdough and why wild sourdough is good for your gut. We'll talk about ancient grains and probiotics.

Make your own decadent wild sourdough at home in a step-by-step supported process. 

We'll meet on Zoom

Day 1 for 1 hour in the morning, followed by 20 mins that evening and

Day 2 for 20 mins in the morning.

You'll then bake your sourdough and share your culinary skills with your family for lunch.

If you live locally in Brisbane, Qld Australia, collect your starter in the week leading up to class.

Anywhere else in the world, contact me and I'll teach you how to make your own easy starter or we'll find a good local starter for you to purchase.

Mother's Day Sourdough: Text


$55 per person

Mother's Day special

Buy 2 or more for $45 per person (Use code MUM at checkout)

Local Brisbane Starter $10

Mother's Day Sourdough: Text
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